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About Us

Master-Med LLC offers a variety of DOT and Non-DOT services. Master-Med LLC has been around since 2013 and has been continuously growing as a company and a clinic. With business growing, Master-Med LLC is expanding, with now two locations in the states. One in Bensenville, Illinois, which falls next to O'Hare International Airport, making it a high traffic area for trucks and warehouses, and the other, brand new location, in Phoenix, Arizona.

On top of the two Master-Med LLC locations, they also provide nationwide drug tests, alcohol test, and medical card services. Master-Med LLC is partnered with a billion dollar company that helps them in finding clinics in the same network. This allows to schedule donors to any state, not just the two Master-Med LLC locations.

low angle photo of curtain wall building
low angle photo of curtain wall building


Master-Med LLC offers a variety of DOT and Non-DOT services. From drug tests to medical cards. Services are available for everyone: truck drivers, bus drivers, warehouse workers, limo drivers, school bus drivers, new employees, etc. DOT services are federally mandated and results are always reported appropriately. Non-DOT services are not federal, meaning that they do not get reported anywhere but to your employer. (You can always do a drug test or alcohol test for yourself as well. These results no one sees but you). All services are available nationwide. Nationwide drug testing, nationwide alcohol testing, nationwide medical card / physicals. Each service will explained in more detail below.

Drug Test

Master-Med LLC offers a variety of different drug tests for any reason. Most common drug tests done are pre-employment and random drug tests. A pre-employment drug test is usually required for a lot of companies before they hire you. Truck drivers are required to take a pre-employment drug test every time they start at a new trucking company. This includes if you are opening up your own MC and DOT. You are still required to take a pre-employment drug test. Every trucking company needs to do random drug tests for their drivers as well. FMCSA requires this, and provides specific guidelines. Master-Med LLC can help you with the random drug and alcohol tests and make sure that you are always compliant and following FMCSA guidelines. Additionally to the pre-employment and random drug tests, Master-Med LLC also offers return-to-duty, observed, post-accident drug tests. Observed drug tests can be DOT or Non-DOT, but the process is the same. Master-Med LLC also offers instant (or rapid) drug tests. These tests are not sent to the lab and could be less accurate, but it is an easy and quick way of checking if you have any drugs in your system. (Rapid test is only a 5-panel at our locations).

Drug Testing
Drug Testing

Alcohol Test

Master-Med LLC offer DOT and Non-DOT alcohol testing. There are usually three ways of checking for alcohol in a persons body. These are a blood collection, urine collection, or a breathalyzer test. Master-Med LLC only offers breathalyzer alcohol tests, as this is the most common form of testing and it is the only form of DOT alcohol testing. In terms of DOT and Non-DOT, the alcohol testing is the same exact thing. The only difference is that the DOT test is federal, just like the drug test, and the Non-DOT test is not federal. This means that the alcohol test will also get reported federally, while the Non-DOT alcohol test will not get reported anywhere (other than to your employer).

Medical Card /Physical

Master-Med LLC has a certified doctor to complete physicals and write up medical cards. Dr. Michael Panek who is also a certified chiropractor. Dr. Panek can do both DOT and Non-Dot physicals. DOT medical card are done on the spot in our Bensenville, Illinois location and we can submit the medical card for you to the DMV. Does not matter if you are from another state, other from Illinois, we can submit your DOT medical card to whatever state you are from. Additionally to our Bensenville, Illinois location, we can also schedule medical cards nationwide. Just send us the information that we need and we will schedule you to the closest location.

black and gray stethoscope
black and gray stethoscope

Online Portal

Master-Med LLC also has an online portal where you can check all your results and more. The portal used is called eScreen, and in eScreen you can view all results from drug tests, alcohol tests, and medical cards. All of these can be viewed and downloaded straight from the online portal. In eScreen you can also schedule drug tests, alcohol tests, and medical cards yourself, but certified Master-Med LLC associates can quickly and effectively do this for you. Additionally you can also manage your employee list (add/remove employees) and view random selection list (DOT random drug tests).


All in all, Master-Med LLC is the perfect solution for anyone looking for DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol services. From DOT consortium agreements, to rapid drug tests, Master-Med LLC has got you covered. All for a very low price as well. Cheap prices for high quality. This is something that is rare to find nowadays. Contact Master-Med LLC today to sign up.

(630)-422-7497 med@safetypartners.org

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person in blue jacket holding white textile